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We are in the year 2021

We are in the bravest, most stripped back moment of our lives. We are here. We are in the dream of wishing it would all change. Remember the moments, you’d think in your head or you’d say out aloud ‘I wish this wasn’t so hard’ ‘I wish my work was different.’ ‘I wish we had an adventure sorted for the holidays.’ 

Well here we are. The year 2021. The only known fact is we only have each moment. The change is happening surrounding us and we are standing in the middle of it all. Our lives perhaps shattering, our lives facing the daily grind of rebuilding, our lives sitting wondering, hoping for, rethinking. We are collectively stating ‘look at the silver lining to this’ – we are collectively somewhat grateful it all stopped. That madness, the go to the next, the chase this, the beautiful, the wonderful mess, the story we were writing for ourselves. Here we are – the pause. How wonderful nature is. How incredibly beautiful our cities are in stillness. The writing on the wall stating ‘ Hurry up and let’s get our life back.’ The reality, well – its gone. That version of you, of all you did or of how you did + the nature of how it was supportive of life, is gone.

Many are gripping for it to come back. Gripping to the past of all that was, the hope for the days to return, my adventure of all that was to commence again, just like it was. The reality, it’s gone. We are standing ahead of a storm, by which this divide continues, the storylines of individuals grow more widely + wildly moving towards the very need they need to be chasing, capturing, hoping for. We are alive to witness this year, this 2021. Perhaps we can wish this never ever happened. Perhaps we will always wish it never ever happened.

The only reality now is – we are all in transition. We are all in this together + that, we are all facing experiences no one could have imagined.

Here comes, the decision points, are we here to thrive on into our futures, find the purpose, listen in to why this is helping us individually. May the slow down, clear the path for the reset we needed to find. That, being stated – the wild storm ahead is unpredictable + will require bravery.