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The answers unheard

What are we waiting on. Who are we waiting for. Where to next, they say.

To the lands of the answers unheard. We are but many over here. We do many different quests of humble nature. We challenge each other in theories, in understanding + in the very nature of what it may even consist of to be human.

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I wonder, if the quest is familiar for others throughout history. I wonder if we’ve been told it all before. I wonder, if the great mark of our time, is the beauty of nature, and that, has always been truth. We are explorers, are we not. We are creating the future, are we not. The answers are then, perhaps unheard. Perhaps they reside deep within the treasure you are yet to embark on. The uncovering. The nature of reality to exist, by focused pursuits of happiness. We all desire happiness, don’t we. We all understand, the very importance of our minds, our bodies, our soul, don’t we. We have yet mastered the very courage it will take to overcome the change we have witnessed before us, the unanswered questions ahead. Or is the gripping desire to unheard questions the place we will end up stuck within. Don’t beat about the bush, if you have questions unheard, begin to uncover them. Land in the answers. Find the ways ahead. They may be unheard today, they may pose challenge + great mystery, however, they will reveal a place for you, over time. It always does, does it not. May this mystery of the unfolding, unknown, unheard begin to mark its great beauty upon you, to challenge the very nature of why it is you are here.

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