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What does the meaning of resilience bestow onto you. What does the term define for you. Where have you seen yourself muster up resilience throughout your time. Or through the lives of those lived before you, along side you or with you, where have you found the defining term resilience be a connection to something greater than, what you would give hope too.

Hope is a term of willingness to accept that change might be coming, that a different way will be presented. Resilience then, means a greater strength than hope, because you’ll come through something, you’ll notably go through some pathway that will lead to the potential of change. We like change, its in our nature too. We thrive in life being change + the growth this is.

Resilience then, is what we all need to move into. As hope can only last so long. Resilience, is a term for the brave, for those willing to seek clarity that we are now in this, for a much longer period of time travel than, we ever really could make sense of. By in this, meaning, great change.

We all knew days and days ago, that nature was seeking for us to change. That nature presenting it’s changes to us, we’re teaching us that it was humanity that required great change. We can all give this time hope. We can hope this is exactly what nature did need. We can hope that we come through this in a form of remarkable clarity. We can hope that, the future will be of time travel we feel worthy within.

Then, be honest with yourself, be honest with the hope you’re carrying, be honest if you are feeling resilient or if you need to pause with the nothingness, and commit to any form of health that will guide you forward. Be you, as you move with this, its the only way now, be in truth.