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Quest ahead, quest anew

The quest now is, ahead + anew. Nothing may come of this time, nothing may significantly change. Or will this mark that moment in history where we choose to listen, to our own inner truth, our own making of this life, and we gave our anew, a different hope.

Ahead is natural to us, we know we always leave the past behind, we live for the moment, and we transition always into the next, the next moment of the future. We can have this distance ahead, we can focus in new places to grow, to shift, to change. We are on our own always, with where it is we are leading our lives.

Are we then, aligning with, what is anew. Are we aligning with a great care for our surrounding environments, are we aligning with compassion for our fellow humans. Are we questioning the reality of the places we give our times too + the need to revisit what we value, what is good for us, what is of worth. Do we challenge ourselves with what we are thinking, our thinking patterns, our own vision for our life. 

This anew, is yours to create. The anew may not be with clarity today, it may not be easy to find, it may not be something you wanted to begin durning these days. Yet the anew, the places you haven’t yet explored are maybe just, the only way forward. The door that closes, the door that opens, sort of vibe. Is there a possible way for you to find this. To grow into a different version of who you are, of course there is, the acceptance measure is yours to hold + if you are willing to jump, to land on this ride.

Welcome to 2021, we are the future, we are the next chapter. We’re alive for this, only us.