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The destiny we are embarking on.

Perhaps we are finding deep purpose throughout our days, perhaps we are not. Perhaps there is a longing for more. A longing for something different. A forever dream, that feels of a great purpose, to chase this.  

There are forever questions. The ones that linger, the dare to dream. We are all individually striving to be in connection, to contribute to all this life is, to be with purpose, to find what resonates, who resonates, where our place is.

This body of work has been designed to provide for self-enquiry. To align with questions you’ve perhaps never thought to ask yourself, or perhaps these sorts of questions are popping up all the time now. We are in a period of our lives, that is undergoing great change. There is a striving forward, anew, we are needing to commit with.

The doubts may be many, the uncertain feeling may be there each day, the closure from the past may be looping with you, the feeling of everything you once gave purpose too now gone, the roads are varying, the quest is unfolding + we are all navigating this. We are all in this, which in itself, holds a purpose.

Humanity is needing to rise differently. To care differently. We are all understanding that our past, our ways of interacting, our ways of caring for ourselves + those surrounding us, did need change. We, unknown to us, have come to this stripping away of what no longer serves our lives. We are diving into the questions, of what do I value, what truly matters? How are we to now be here, in our communities, in ways of care? With a purpose, a place, a connection.

The Purpose Guidance Workbook is a serious look at where you are finding purpose. It’s questioning the past, alongside rising you into your future. There are many, many different ways for us to connect with purpose + there are also many ways we end up living our days without finding an alignment to purpose, one that resonates, feels good. We all play different roles at different times + we all hold different ways to connect to what feeds our purpose. It’s very valid right now, to be feeling without a connection to any purpose. It’s also, important we navigate, we stand in our courage + align with what is now feeling good for us.