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Practice the patients

This seems like a very, very dear conversation. You see patients comes in many forms. Patients can arise for us at any moment in our day + patients is the bliss of when, we know we are safe, we trust we are calm, we are good.

If the patients boils over, the practice is the very trust we must give time too. We have nothing certain in life, we have not a crumb of a cookie that will make it all the way to our bite, as certainty. It doesn’t exist.

We do however, have consistency. We have stability. We have honour + respect + honesty. We have the quest for change, we have the reality of nature to teach us + we have our own experience to gather our thoughts, our opinions + our conclusions within us. We do have patients. We have a quest to know what patients would mean, if we haven’t yet formed any significant moment of understanding the practice itself.

There is a great amount of information to be processing. There is a great change continually unfolding. There are many different conversations to listen into. There are theories everywhere. There are facts. There are news reports. There are everyday, mums + dads, being heros. We have our children to think about more dearly perhaps, we have our elders to look to for advice perhaps. We have a known challenge ahead, and the patience + the practice, therefore, is what will matter.   

If patience is not what you are searching for, carry on doing you as you need be + the reality of where we all end up will unfold, no one has the answer.