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Life is ever changing, as are you. It’s important to stop; to reflect; to reposition, where you find yourself, to grow. Life is moving, we as we know us to be are changing. We are alive. We are growing + morphing as we move along our individual timeline. There are many unpredictable moments to come + many stories that will continue to be created. It’s very important to recognise that we are apart of nature. We breathe the air, bask in the sunshine, eat produce grown from the earth, drink the very rainwater dropping from the sky. We are the essence of nature, we exist with nature, as human beings + we are dependant on nature.

Growth phase of the Guidance Workbook is going to teach our interconnection with nature, for the purpose of valuing who we each individually are. This phase is to add depth to our understanding of what constitutes being a human + what our needs truly are.