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We are all uniquely individual + we will all strive for different ways of being that give quality of life to us. We are chases of the good life + we are also striving through different aspects of life, that inspire us or simply, we need to commit time too. No one knows the future, no one knows how the next day will behave + no one can give to you your health + your happiness. It’s yours + you own the experience of finding what it is for you. There are many different quests you can walk in the search + there is also, a great amount of information talking health. We are all in varying forms of health + we may also be in varying days of happiness, or sadness, or any form of emotion.

The Contribution phase of the Guidance Workbook is of purpose to align with questions that serve your highest truth, your inner truth. The truth that sparks courage + joy for living this. With hope of providing an honest look at your very own health + happiness states of being. As, we contribute to life from these states, we contribute to our family + friends, to the day we live, the moment we are in. It’s important to recognise how we are showing up, how we are contributing to the moment that life is.