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We are destined to feel, it’s innate to being human, that we feel, we experience emotion. This is a relatively emotional time perhaps, a time where we just do not know what our lives are anymore, it doesn’t make sense + there is surfacing emotion to see + be with. Emotions are relevant + also, are important. Our emotions give to us, the experience of life, the sensations beyond the physical. To be happy is not because of anything outside of us – it’s within. The happiness and the sadness are emotional states that we experience. Today, may be a day where you experience a burst of many emotions, to wake with joy + be in wonder as you head out on your morning walk, to be surprised + delighted as you receive a package in the mail + then, perhaps a twist + bend, in a sad phone call. We are all our emotional states + we are all here to experience this.

The Compassion phase in the Guidance Workbook is encouraging the inquiry into what may surface within our day. To look into the emotion, to question with the emotion + begin to uncover if there is grief, or shame or guilt within the body to ripple throughout your day. This will take good time, and be ready + willing to enter slowly, with ease + the grace of self healing. It is of importance to be with compassion with all those you interact with through your day, however, compassion for you is the starting ground.