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Fear is designed to cause harm to the very true nature of being human + being alive. We are amongst a time in our lives – where fear is the very first piece of news on the viewing screen of a television. We are within a time – we have never been. We have never been to this edge of our lives before. We have never witnessed such a slowing down of the world, of the hustle + bustle we all knew. We have never looked out from our very windows in our homes + wondered what will become of this world. We have never felt the fear of all those surrounding us like we have today. This is a collective story + one, by which, marks an incredible moment in human existence. It’s important to mark that there is fear + equally, important to see the beauty that surrounds us. That we are alive, we are witnessing this unfold + we are within a remarkable time in human history.

The Awareness within you today is real, is valid + it’s important to look at, sit with + honour. It’s also important to question your Awareness + what you are giving your attention too. The fear we are collectively experiencing is shocking + also, is an incredible moment for reflection, and with this, a new dawn forward. The Awareness phase in the Guidance Workbook is to provide an experience, to allow you to enter into the potential of what can come from this fear, to encourage + inspire change within + hold space for this moment.