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Dear Future

Well future, we are in a ripping at the seams place of strange + also, a place of humble change. We have zero comprehension of what this is, what this means, + where to from here. We see our world in complete self destruction. The people, the creators of the reality we have constructed are now gripping for what will come of this. We have lost everything. Our courage has been wiped. The sheer brilliance of what it means to be human, is facing crisis. We have nothing. There is only this deep struggle to figure out life again. I’d like to discuss the measures which have been placed upon us + the dark places, strange places + fear like places we’ve been hiding within. Our doors have been closed to the outside world. The strange is also beautiful, in the chaos that presents + the beauty of the unspoken coming along with that ride. I don’t like to talk of the past, however, it is oddly rather different today. My friends down the street, haven’t seen me for weeks now. I don’t really know if thats unhealthy for us, or if we’ll be ok + come through this together. 

I hope, that the changes we see in nature, is the good that comes from this. I hope it’s good nature has this time on its own, without us humans + that, longer term we are better off, because of these days. There is no one to point us in the direction. We don’t hear much about our health. The strangest reality of this for me is, that I’ve stopped talking to people. I don’t see anybody pass by out here in the country. I often wonder, what everyone is doing, with their time these days. I wonder if they are happy, or if they are finding this, rather to much to process.

I do love the human spirit + at the beginning of all of this, the internet was quite a creative place to explore with. The very music from the balconies + the artists within their homes + the drawings + the dressups + home play set ups, oh it was wonderful to see. The courage of the human spirit, is what sparked the courage in me. I began to bake, and had never really done that before. For days and days, I didn’t put any shoes on + I’d never really done that before. I guess, the point of this future, is to grow. To find the meaning in the moment + grow. There doesn’t really need to be much more. I have, until this point in my life, lived quite a lot more, than that of my grandma. Her days were incredibly different to mine. I don’t put my hand up + say this is easy, nor does it seem correct for my human spirit. I do want to see my friends. I do want to head off on an adventure. I do however, like to give life meaning, I like to question what is happening before me + I do like to find the courage within me to live, to give the days some purpose + to be merry on my way.

However, Future, this has been impossible some days. It hasn’t felt normal or good or happy or even sad. I don’t know how to talk about it to anyone anymore. We all have such differing opinions + I feel its of not much use anyway. I don’t feel that my courage to bake will continue, as it’s only me living here, I don’t need to eat much anymore. I have some lovely shoes I’d like to dress up in + head out for dinner somewhere. It doesn’t make all that much sense if we continue like this. So, Future, I do have courage somewhere, I do want to live this, I have spoken these words to myself over and over again. I have friends in high places, + I wonder what they are doing, I wonder if they will find their courage. You see, we are here to live. We are here to be together + we are here to find the very strength in connection that we all belong with. I don’t like giving much worry to it, nor do I look back often, however, I tend to more look forward, into the Future, into the nearest distance I can think about. Yet, lately I don’t have anything there, there is nothing more to talk about, to think about, + even the creatives on the internet have gone quite. Dear Future, I do hope we all come through this together. That somehow we can stand our two feet on the ground + pounder the courage, to grow.

We owe it to ourselves, to find our courage.