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This is an amazing time in human history and I am really honoured to share with you my life’s work and passion – a fresh approach to mindfulness – I call NOWism.

NOWism is a modern finger, pointing at ancient wisdom. Ultimately it is a personal practice of conscious participation in the present moment.

The curriculum is loaded with mindful life hacks, wisdom, humour and endless food for thought.  It is my mission to assist people like you to come home to the Present Moment and rediscover the magic of life, right here in the life you are living.  The fine print is, as you fall back in love with your present moment you become the perfect vibrational condition for all sorts of brilliant manifestations. Your dreams start to come true.

Today, NOWism is a gift that keeps on giving and although I am ‘the creator’ of it, I am surprised by it every single day. I believe that ‘gifts’ or ‘talents’ don’t belong to the human but rather they belong to the world. NOWism has secrets, endless layers of depth, wisdom and most importantly humour. Sometimes I create something and only catch the true depths of its meaning later. Sometimes years later! 

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