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go ask the dust

The storyline of your own remark on histroy + more relevant, the pause for the next, the unfolding of the future you are embarking on.

There does come a time in our lives, where we must pause; begin a reflection phase of what holds worth, holds purpose for days ahead.

This body of work is a series of guidance workbooks to honour where we find ourselves + to open into, questions, storylines, + chapters of where best we are now in need to direct + focus our energy. With intention of aligning with a future we value. 


The courage is the calling.  

We are governed by our own individual values, our own willingness to accept what is before us + the very awareness that allows us to strive ahead.

We must make matters, matter. We must give rise to a storyline of courage, beauty + the remaking of a happier + healthier place for all.

We must stand with nature. We must each individually nurture ourselves into our very own unique creative self expression. For play, for creativity, for nurture, is our guiding light.

aligning with our individual courage

It’s of our greatest worth, to align with our inner truth. To give value to being alive; to find what it is that connects us with purpose, with passion, with peace. To own our individualisation + to experience the beauty of our inner truth; the courage itself of being alive.